What Is Link Building?

Links are a fundamental part of your website’s core infrastructure. When done right, links will lead other relevant websites back to your website and help improve its visibility in the search engines. Search engines like Google want to know what other pages link to a page so they can determine the relevance of that page for potential searchers.

Link building is basically the process of acquiring credible links from other relevant websites.

How Does Link Building Work?

Link building is the foundation of your overall search engine optimization plan. Links are like votes for your page. The more votes you get, the higher you’ll be ranked by search engines.

What Do Links Mean to Search Engines?

When you search for a topic in Google, they will show you a list of relevant links. In addition to the quality of content you produce, the more quality links your website has, the higher it will rank your website in their search results.

What Is the Purpose of Link Building?

The purpose of link building is to increase the quality and relevance of your website through the acquisition of new, high-quality links. As a result of proper link building, search engines will show more of your content in their search results.

Why Link Building is Important

Link building is important because your website needs links in order to rank well in the search engines. When search engines crawl your website, they are looking for links from other websites.

When Should You Begin a Link Building Campaign?

Link building should be an ongoing process. There is never a time when you should stop acquiring new links, and the more quality relevant links you have, the better your website will rank.

White Hat vs Black Hat Link Building

White hat link building refers to the acquisition of high-quality relevant backlinks that do not violate search engines’ terms of service or guidelines.

Black hat link building refers to measures that violate search engines’ terms of service or guidelines and thus are banned by most search engines.

Does Link Building Still Work?

While there are some concerns about link building’s effectiveness, especially in light of the rise of web bots and SEO-friendly search engines, most SEO experts feel that link building still works for most websites.

How Can You Tell If a Link Build Campaign is Working?

One good way to tell if a link building campaign is working is to track the growth of your website’s organic search traffic. If you’re seeing traffic growth, then a link building campaign is likely working well to help your website rank highly in the search engines.

How Does Link Building Benefit Businesses?

Link building is a powerful and effective link building strategy that benefits both search engines and businesses. Businesses can increase traffic to their website, drive more relevant leads, and improve their overall search engine rank because of strong backlink profiles.

Link Building Strategies

The following are some effective link building strategies that you can use to build a powerful backlink profile. Inbound link building refers to the process of acquiring relevant backlinks through outreach and other popular strategies including guest blogging, social bookmarking, forum participation and article marketing.

Outbound link building refers to the natural acquisition of inbound links from other websites because you provide useful content that is valuable to those website owners and their users.

Email Outreach

Email outreach is one of the most commonly used strategies. It involves sending personalized emails to website owners with links back to your website. The best way to do this is to be as informative and helpful as possible. Also, reach out to as many website owners with relevant content to offer backlinks from your site.

Resource & List Pages

Resource and list pages usually have many links pointing to them from other websites. You can submit your site to these pages if you think you can provide valuable information for the users of these pages.

Social Media Profile Links

Social media profile links are links that search engines will place at the bottom of a search engine result page in their “more from” section. You will want to create social media profiles on all major sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so that they can provide you with this link opportunity.

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is a link building strategy that involves finding links to similar websites and then providing much more helpful, useful content than that website. This will help convince webmasters to link back to your site.

Forum Participation

Forum participation is a very popular and effective strategy to drive relevant backlinks back to your website. When you participate in forums, you build up your credibility by referring to other websites within your profile under links.

Forums are an especially effective link building strategy because they can provide you with lots of relevant inbound links very quickly.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a strategy used to find sites that have relevant broken links or pages that have been removed. The goal is to then create a link from your website to the relevant pages that are now broken.

This will show the website value by fixing their broken link, as well as gaining a valuable backlink for your site.

Copying Competitors’ Backlinks

Copying competitors’ backlinks is a strategy that helps to ensure you are staying ahead of your competition. By copying your competitor’s backlink profile you will gain an insight into where they are acquiring links and on which topics they focus their content.

You can then use this information to create more relevant content for the same audience.

Finding High Quality Links

Once you have identified the ideal backlink profile for your website, the next step is to find high quality links. You can find high quality links in a few different ways.

Search engines are constantly monitoring websites and their search rankings, and they exploit this information to create a link profile for every website that ranks highly on a search engine. In order to sniff out potential link opportunities, you need to build up a list of high quality websites that are likely to churn out relevant links for your site.

Page Authority

​Page authority is a metric that provides detailed information about the quality of your website’s backlinks. It was introduced by Moz in 2009 and measures the influence of particular websites in the search engine results page.

The higher your website’s page authority, the more influential each of its pages is, and the more easily it will rank on search engines.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric that is another helpful measure of the quality of a website’s backlinks. Like page authority, domain authority is provided by Moz and measures the influence of a particular website on search engines.

Domain authority similarly takes into account multiple signals to create an overall score.

Traffic Value

The traffic value of a backlink is one of the most important metrics that search engines use to determine the quality of a link. Traffic value is equal to the number of visitors that go to your website over a specific time period, divided by a click-through rate from a particular search engine.

Site Relevance

It is important to search for relevant websites when looking for high quality links. The more relevant your website is, the higher the quality of links that will appear in its search engine rankings.

Link Position

Link position affects the ranking of all pages on your website. The higher the link position, the higher up in the search engine results page that a webpage will appear. It is important to establish which keywords are most relevant for creating a strong link profile.

Domain Age

Domain age is another important metric that search engines use to determine the quality of links on your website.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a descriptive phrase that appears in the “title” of a web page, usually next to the URL. Most search engines use anchor text to determine the relevance of a webpage.

Nofollow or Dofollow

Links that are marked with “nofollow” attributes to tell search engine crawlers not to pass on the link from the homepage of a particular site. On the other hand, dofollow links are considered to be high quality links, since they will pass on the link from your website.

Link Building vs Link Earning

Link building refers to acquiring links from external sites in order to improve website ranking. Link earning, on the other hand, refers to earning links organically by creating quality content that will attract people and websites who want to link to your site.

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