Financial Media Client

1027 has been a lighthouse for our business. They have shown us the path for achieving incredible revenue growth through a sea of possibilities. They have an incredible business sense that allows their team to navigate tricky deals and contracts, all while simultaneously maximizing both profits and quality. Their passion for building products that users love serves as an example of just how much can be accomplished when you are as determined as the 1027 team is. A significant business line was built as a direct result of 1027’s ingenuity with record profits month after month. They are as no-nonsense as they come – laser focused on solutions instead of problems.

Media Organization

Ten Twentyseven takes ownership of their work, which shows in the highly positive results they’ve delivered. Responsive and detail-oriented, the team is easy to work with and offers valuable guidance. They excel at project management. Customers can expect a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner.